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6065 W. Commercial Blvd. Tamarac, FL 33319

Integrative veterinary medicine is a comprehensive medical approach for pets which let us benefit from something good of both that contributes to the whole. At Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac cats and dogs are offered integrative and complementary pet care services.

Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac is proud to provide following services either as a holistic veterinary care, or in conjunction with conventional medicine for both cats and dogs:

‚ÄčBest of two worlds

Both Western and Eastern medicine has its miracles to offer if used in right time, right way, by a right doctor. When there’s an extreme pet health scare it would be irresponsible to ignore the immense medical advances science has provided to us, and it’s a good idea to get a regular check-up to see what’s happening with your pets' internal chemistry.

A Place and Time for Both   

Every pets' health needs and problems are unique and require individual approach. For instance, when animal is suffering from a depression, holistic medicine could help to understand why digestion issues could be cause of it. However, there are times when it is better choice to "remove" the issue rather than treating it, as it's the case with failing organs. Nevertheless, Western medicine doesn't have to be a single option. 

Focus on Prevention

Just as we all know prevention is the best cure for pets. Holistic approach, comes really handy when instead of using conventional veterinary interventions, it's the best to have "wellness visits" and focus on preventing imbalances rather than healing them.  In practice, there are more pet owners who look for alternative methods after the pet's health condition gets worse due to over-dose of medications, or because post-surgical care went wrong, and they lose hope in traditional medicine.                                                                           

Benefits of Integrated Veterinary Medicine

  • See the whole picture by taking into consideration altogether activities, nutrition, and home-life
  • Recognize the unique issues and underlying illness conditions that might require blend of therapeutic methods  for better cure of the diseases not just the symptoms alone
  • Minimize or prevent side effects of drugs
  • Utilize natural approaches whenever possible.

When something big does come up with pet's health, you don’t have to choose between conventional and alternative therapies. Our highly qualified and experienced veterinarians will find what works best for your pet, because it would just be unreasonable to ignore medical advances science offered to us. With Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac your furry companions can benefit from all reasonable medical options available.

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