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Sophie's Story

  • When there’s still hope, you are your pet’s "voice". Don’t give up on your pet!
  • Johanna didn’t give up on Sofie even when a local Hollywood animal hospital said so, and even sent her a Sympathy card on Sofie’s death a few days later. Instead she brought Sofie to a different veterinarian.
  • Dr.Darko from Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac, near Hollywood didn’t give up on Sofie. He said there’s still a way. He treated Sofie, and now she’s all back again playing with her mom Johanna and LIVING.    
  • Always get second opinion.  It  might be the same as the first one. But it’s the small price to pay, isn’t it? 

Unplanned Adoption

Hollywood animal hospitalJohanna met Sofie when she came to the pet shop looking for food for her dog Matza. A man was giving back Sofie to the breeder, but the breeder didn’t want to accept Sofie either. Johanna felt pity for a one month old cute Yorkshire and adopted the puppy right away. Poor dog Sofie had bad health and liver disease. Every veterinarian in Broward and Miami-Dade that Johanna took Sofie to gave bad prognosis and said her dog wouldn’t live longer than a month. But Johanna couldn’t give up without trying every way to try to save her dog.

Sofie had one surgery after another.   However, multiple surgeries didn’t help much. Sofie was still fainting and had seizures three-four times a week. Johanna decided to look for another way. 

Power of Holistic Medicine

Hollywood animal hospitalAfter extensive reading and research Johanna got to know about holistic veterinary medicine which offered drug-free therapies without side effects and looked at the cause of the disease rather than symptoms. This means not only treating the physical symptoms of a disease but also supporting the body’s immune and organ systems in healing the disease or imbalance by itself. Additionally, the holistic approach to pet care recognizes that the whole body must be in balance, i.e. supporting body’s organ and immune systems through herbal and vitamin supplementation, natural diet, and exercise. Johanna decided to give it a try, and took Sofie to a local holistic veterinarian.  

Johanna’s friend recommended Dr.Darko Mladenovic at Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac, near Hollywood. At that time Sofie was already 3 years old. After an extensive holistic examination Dr.Darko prescribed Sofie homeopathic remedies, canine hepatic support, and Probiocin. Moreover, Johanna learnt that majority of sold pet foods are not natural, often saturated with harmful chemical preservatives, heavy metals, over-cooked oils, pesticides, and meat condemned for human use. Such food definitely couldn’t help Sofie feel better, but, on the contrary could make things even worse. Sofie needed real natural food which could help her get vitamins and energy, and live longer. Johanna started cooking for Sofie and giving her home-made meals.

A few months later Johanna noticed radical improvement. It was obvious, holistic treatment and home-made food helped Sofie to re-gain her energy, her coat was shiner, and she even smelled better. Sofie actually turned out to be a playful and fun loving dog. Sofie didn’t have any more seizures.

Gloomy Episode.  

Since Johanna brought Sofie to Dr.Darko she never seizures. But one day the condition came back. Sofie had seizure and fainted at night. Since Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac doesn’t have a facility for night emergencies, Dr.Darko advised Johanna to take Sofie to a local Hollywood animal hospital. Having done the x-ray’s and tests, veterinarians at Hollywood animal hospital gave bad prognosis, and recommended Johanna to euthanize her dog Sofie. But Johanna’s husband Jaime didn’t agree to put Sofie to sleep, they had a gut feeling it was just not right, and took her home.

Dr.Darko asked Johanna to bring Sofie to his clinic next morning. When Sofie came back home after thorough check up and treatment by Dr.Darko she was all playful and fun loving dog again. Two days later Johanna received a Sympathy card on Sofie’s death from a local Hollywood animal hospital (where she took Sofie for emergency). Although Johanna is frustrated they didn’t even call her to verify the death, she is happy she doesn’t need any sympathy, because her Sofie is still alive and brings lots of happiness to their family.

Happy Middle in the Hopes. 

Hollywood animal hospital

Nevertheless, after this gloomy episode, Johanna became a volunteer and now she helps to raise awareness about animal issues, and fights against euthanasia. Johanna also advocates that every pet owner should: “Always do what your gut feeling tells you to do, and get second opinion. Because it might just save your pet’s life. Many veterinarians told me my Sofie wouldn’t live more than a month. Look at her, she is already five, and we have an aim to keep her in this world even longer!”   

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