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Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac

Love Your Pet Day Contest 2015

On the occasion of upcoming Love Your Pet Day on February 20, 2015 we invite all pet lovers to take part in our Open Photo and Video contest. If your pet is our animal clinic's patient, then don't be shy and participate in our animal clinic's contest by:

  • Showing off how much you love your pet
  • Posting a funny pet photo or video on our  Facebook page, and
  • Stand a chance to win one of our 3 prizes!

Read more about our Love Your Pet Day Contest.

If you want to support any of our contestants then "Like", "Share" or "Comment" on the pet's photo's post on our Facebook page.

Check out 2015 Love Your Pet Day Contest Winners here.


Pompano beach animal hospital

"This is Loki, my silly and amazingly adorable husky. I rescued him 14 years ago. His previous owners didn't have time for him, so he lived in an airline crate in their backyard. He will be 15 in June. Give it up for LOKI!" - Jana Bradburn


pompano beach animal hospital

We love Pepsi so much we got him a ladder to climb to the bed so he could sleep on me!

I love Pepsi so much I don't use sink while he is in it

Pompano beach veterinarian


Pompano beach animal hospital

"Our Sweet Shana, loves her cigars. Shana is 5 years old and it the joy of our family. She was a gift for her Mother (Ellen Hulkower) and she makes us laugh every day, we are trying to break her of the habit of smoking her treats" - Stanley Hulkower.


"I can fly!" - Clover

Pompano Beach animal hospital


Pompano Beach animal hospital

"I love my Ying so much I give her couple of pillows, treats and a comfortable bed for her and her tongue!"

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