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Pet Wellness Assessment

Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac is proud to announce we have partnered with Antech laboratories and Zoetis to provide our clients with a great way of getting overall picture of their pet's health and illness risks.

Why do I need Pet Wellness Report?

Fort Lauderdale pet clinicIt's hard to get full picture of our pet patients if we see them only 1-2 times a year. Complete Health Risk Assessment (HRA) questionnaire gives information about your pet's lifestyle, environment he lives in, and more. Pet Wellness Report (PWR) helps our vets to identify early signs of diabetes, dental problems, heart diseases, and kidney conditions. Based on this questionnaire answers studies indicated that 1 in 3 pets have minimum 1 laboratory abnormality, or identified risk either a hidden health condition.

Benefits of Pet Wellness Report

Pet Wellness Report tells you:

  1. Your pet's age in human years
  2. Medical conditions your pet may be at risk for
  3. How to keep your pet healthy not just now, but also in the future
  4. Great tips about how to ensure your pet lives longer and happier life!

When is the best time to fill in HRA questionnaire?

This great tool let our Fort Lauderdale veterinarians provide a more personalized care for our pets! When coupled with blood and urine analysis PWR report let us understand how your pet's health is both inside and outside, and detect any areas which are in need of veterinarian's attention. We advise to do it before your appointment, so we can assist your pet even better.

How To Get Started?

Just follow these 2 easy steps:

Step 1: Go to PWR website. There you will be prompted to create a username and login.

Step 2: Fill out your pet's Pet Health Questionnaire (only takes about 6 minutes! We timed it!). You will get instant results by entering our clinic code which you should get with Appointment Confirmation email from our clinic when you made one.

Once Pet Health Questionnaire is completed, our veterinarians will receive a copy of your pet's health report which they will go through with you during your pet's next checkup. Then our vets will tell you if there are any potential health problems and make any needed recommendations.

Please contact us with any questions by phone (954) 722-2100.

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