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Parasite Prevention

Common mistake of many pet owners is to think there’re no parasites if they cannot be seen...

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As a matter of fact, most of parasites are as little as a size of pinhead, and microscopic analysis of the cat, dog, and other pets’ feces is necessary for an accurate examination. While some pets don’t show any illness signs, for others parasites (like roundworms might lead to diarrhea and alike health problems.

Whether it's a cat or dog there are various tests which can be done to determine if your pet companion has a parasite. Our highly qualified vets can recommend medications to combat and control such parasites as:

  • heartworms
  • intestinal parasites (for eg, tapeworms, etc.
  • ticks, and
  • fleas

Treating and preventing parasites can help not only to protect your four legged family member, but also the rest of your family including children and adults.

Our vets can provide treatment plans to fight pet parasites in general, and specifically those common in Florida state.

For appointments please call (954) 722-2100 or fill in the form (for existing or new clients) on our Home page.

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