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Pet Behavior

Are you looking for solutions to improve your pet's behavior? 

First you might need to understand whether your cat's or dog's behavior problems are caused by heath issues or no. If there are no medical problems, and your pet is not taking any strong medications then his or her behavior can be improved with the use of simple training tips. 

pet behavior

We believe when families better understand behavioral needs of their pets they develop healthier relationships and their bond with pets strengthens. While pets' behavior problems might be caused due to environmental issues, or because pets are having hard time adjusting to new home, sometimes this might be a cause of existing medical problems. There are cases when medications can also have behavioral side affects and change the way your pet acts. For example, some medications might increase your pet's anxiety and make your pet aggressive, while others, might make your pet less reactive to the external environment, including pet owners' commands and pet becomes passive. These and other behavioral issues can be solved after counseling with a specialist. 

If you have questions about your pet behavior submit your questions online via our Ask a Vet service, and get free advice now, or make an appointment with one of our vets today. 

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