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Pepsi's Story

“I don't believe that old cliche that good things come to those who wait. I think good things come to those who want something so bad they can't sit still” – Ashton Kutcher

There're times we should not give up our pets to euthanasia. Pepsi's story is a good example.

veterinarians in hollywood flOne sunny day in April Pepsi was sneezing, and even games didn’t interest him as much. Joan took Pepsi to a local veterinarian’s office. Vet said it was just a cough and prescribed some medications. A few days later Joan noticed no improvement. Pepsi’s favorite game was the one where he would self-play with a ball to entertain himself. That day he just couldn’t hit the ball. Joan knew something was wrong. She took him to the veterinarian again. This time the veterinarian diagnosed pneumonia 5/27 and gave first Covenia shot. Pepsi didn’t feel any better. Veterinarian took another x-ray on 6/12. Images were still showing pneumonia, and vet gave second shot of Convenial.

It was the end of June, 2014. Pepsi has been sick for 6 weeks now. He was actually eating well, but was extremely tired, didn’t play, had trouble breathing. Joan was scared and desperate. She knew Pepsi was not doing good. Then her friend recommended Joan to see vets at Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac.

veterinarians in hollywood flAfter examining Pepsi Dr.Zapata said Pepsi had bronchopneumonia. Kitten’s weight decreased to 2 pounds. Dr.Zapata decided to observe a pet for a few months at home, prescribed combination antibiotics and homeopathic remedies; however, she also noted if they didn’t help Pepsi might require lung lobectomy surgery. Joan nebulized Pepsi at home several times a day.
veterinarians in hollywood fl

Pepsi was removed from antibiotics, and instead was put on Immune System Stimulant and probiotics. September follow-up re-check showed that Pepsi was getting back to his normal self: enjoying sun in the patio, a bit more active playing with Carrot, Fishy, and Mr.Blue, eating well, no coughing and sneezing, no nasal or ocular discharge. Pepsi has even gained a few ounces. But x-rays were still unchanged.

But Joan and Dr.Zapata didn’t loose faith in Pepsi. As a reward for Pepsi’s recovery Joan’s daughter presented him a ladder that he could now use to climb to Joan’s bed and sleep on her face.

Pepsi and German Sheppards, or Cats ain't v.s. dogs

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One of these adorable German Sheppards got petted by Pepsi!

top veterinarians in hollywood

Pepsi's Love

In her turn, Joan took him for a two weeks vacation in Bronson, Florida in December, 2014. There Joan found out Pepsi had a thing for German Sheppards – he met a handsome black German Sheppard he fell in love with. Pepsi used to follow that black German Sheppard everywhere and even gave him a kiss. Pepsi also petted with his paw another German Sheppard.

In February, 2015 Pepsi came for his recent. X-rays showed Pepsi’s chest was clear, and he now weights 9 pounds. Dr. Darko even advised for Pepsi to be put on a diet. Definitely, Pepsi doesn’t require any surgery.

This fight for Pepsi’s life took 10 months. But Joan says everyday was worth it as now she can see Pepsi creating his own new games, and bringing joy to her life.

If Pepsi could talk he would probably tell his mum Joan "Thank you for saving my life!".

Would you play with me?

veterinarians in hollywood fl

Pepsi loves sitting in the patio and looking outside

veterinarians in hollywood fl

Who said sink is for rinsing water?

veterinarians in hollywood fl

No sleep for Pepsi without Fishy and Mr.Blue though Carrot is also among his favorites

veterinarians in hollywood fl


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