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Laser Therapy at our Animal Clinic

Our veterinarians are proud to welcome you and your precious companion at Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac, Broward county, Florida. Our veterinarians are well trained and fully equipped to provide all options of veterinary medicine for best care of your pet. Conveniently located in the centre of Broward County, you and your pet will benefit from personalized service and quality care offered by our veterinarians in Tamarac.

Is your pet in PAIN?

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(Dr.Darko Mladenovic conducting Cold Laser Therapy session on Angel having nose problem chronic immune condition)

Finally there’s an effective, safe, and inexpensive therapy which offers relief for cats and dogs suffering from post-surgery, injury, arthritis or chronic pain, or limited mobility due to aging. Our veterinarians  are proud to introduce Veterinary Cold Laser Therapy (VCLT), the most technologically advanced modality which allows your pet to live a more active and joyful life.

Though it is new in veterinarian medicine, human doctors treating NFL, the NBA, MLB, the NHL, FIFA athletes have been using Cold Laser for a long time as a safe alternative to surgery and drugs without known side effects.

veterinary cold laser therapy What is Veterinary Cold Laser Therapy (VCLT)?

As defined by American Kennel Club “Cold laser therapy is a noninvasive procedure that uses light to stimulate cell regeneration and increase blood circulation”. Generally known as a Veterinary Cold Laser Therapy (VCLT), sometimes it is also referred as Low Level Laser Therapy.

In our veterinarian clinic  we use this progressive Low Level Laser Therapy for dogs and cats to treat pain and provide accelerating healing. When done correctly this innovative high technology ensures non-invasive fast healing of your pet without any side effects.

Is Veterinary Cold Laser Therapy expensive?

Normally, use of innovative medical technologies would occur in high cost. However, besides its efficacy, what makes use of Veterinary Cold Laser Therapy for  pet owners even more attractive is its affordable price in our veterinarian clinic.

How may sessions does my pet need?

Usually our clinic veterinarians would recommend certain number of sessions depending on your pet’s medical condition. To let more cats and dogs benefit from this innovative therapy we've worked out following convenient and affordable packages.

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Make an appointment today to find out about length and number of Cold Laser treatment sessions required for your pet. To find out more about our packages please call (954)722 21 00.

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