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Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac: real stories

“Yes, something invulnerable, unburiable is within me, something that breaks rocks: it is called my will” - Friedrich Nietzsche 

Charlie, severely abused dog was literally a bag of bones and nearly dead when he was found by Florida’s Miami Dade Animal Services a few months ago.

Six months old dog was brought to us in a horrendous and vulnerable state. Charlie was a walking skeleton, and it was a miracle he was still living.

He was so weak, he could barely stand, and every bone in his gaunt body was visible. Charlie’s blood cell count was below critical level. While he was receiving medical treatment, in order to survive his recovery Charlie needed to put on weight. Considering that he didn’t have proper food to eat, probably he survived by eating bugs as abandoned animals do. In this case rich food could upset his stomach. But he was entirely emaciated, lost appetite, and kept down even small meals. So our first concern was to mobilize stored glucose from muscle reserves and liver, and change Charlie’s biochemical processes.

The second, but not the least concern we had was to create a “safe zone” for his emotional healing. A starving animal that had known only hunger and fear needed a shelter, and love of dedicated humans to help Charlie regain his dignity and second chance he deserved.  

Life scars can last a lifetime and dogs have a memory that goes a longer way than people think.

Nevertheless, Charlie’s spirit and will to live surprised all of us. He had the fastest recovery we ever observed. Charlie was treated with combination of alternative and conventional therapies.

To check Charlie’s current condition please click here.  

Watch a video with Charlie: 

Post by To Save A Dog Like Daisy / Forgotten Dog Rescue.

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