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Nolan - A Big Dog with a Puppy Soul

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The first time we met Nolan was October 3, 2014. A big American bulldog approximately 5 years old was brought to our animal hospital based near Miami. A local animal shelter said Nolan was suffering from severe pain, and unless he is saved by a rescue group, he had to be euthanized to prevent suffering. But this big love bug just couldn’t be neglected by a Forgotten Dog Recue. Compassion and “Nolan is getting new leash on life” campaign of the rescue group which saved this poor dog from being euthanized.

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Grey instead of white, heartworm positive, scarring everywhere and very thin Nolan perhaps had never had anybody to take care of him.

Slow, but steady recovery

miami animal hospital miami veterinary surgery

After all veterinarian surgeries and treatment procedures, it took three months for Nolan to recover completely and get rid of all of his bandages.

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Moreover, he became a star of our Pet Photos with Santa event.

 Big love bug

miami animal hospital

But despite all pain and misery condition, Nolan had never shown any aggression to neither our hospital vets, nor the staff. On the opposite, he was always a well behaved, always happy, sweet boy – got along well with all other dogs, and even cats. As Dr.Diane Zapata said: “Nolan is a sweet big dog with a puppy soul”. 

Love triangle: Nolan, Gina and Ashley

miami veterinarianmiami veterinarian

His favorites were our techs Ashley and Gina. He actually fancied the company of two pretty girls to everybody else. Probably, because he is a man at the end of the day!

He loved to go outside and rolling in the grass. Nolan actually enjoyed running down the street with Ashley, unless she was not in a jogging mood.

It is not the “end” yet...  It is just the beginning!

miami veterinarianThe day Nolan got into a foster home he was all full of joy. And he made himself at home with three cats ^^. But Nolan’s story does not end here, because he still needs to find a forever loving home and family.  miami animal hospital

For adoptions please contact Forgotten Dog Rescue

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