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“Hi, my name is X. The truth is I don’t have a name yet, or I just don’t remember.  Because I’ve been homeless for some time now..."

veterinarians in miami  

 One of our hospital clients Ms.L was coming home driving from Rock Island and 44th when she saw a dog running after a bicycling man. Ms.L thought it was weird and stopped her car to ask the man if it was his dog.  It turned out the dog wasn’t his, but he followed the man all the way from Atlantic Blvd. and Rock Island. Ms. L looked at the sad eyes of the dog and realized how lonely he must have been to run after a stranger on the bicycle despite very long distance. She picked up the dog and put him into her car. Sore and exhausted the dog fell asleep.

Now this sweet mutt is in our hospital. After examination by our vets it was obvious this dog was in a good health. His perfect teeth say he has been taken care of before he got missing, or abandoned though it is not clear how long he has been missing. All he needs now is bath.

If you or somebody you know needs a dog then you might want this one.  He is so cute and sweet that if you let him off from leash he will follow you around. He is very loyal too. And finally he is a mutt. For those of you who don’t know mutts are best breeds, and never have health problems.

For adoptions please inquire within. 

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