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Preventative pet medicine can catch problems before they become serious, saving time and money.

How does preventative medicine work?

It's alot like caring for your car, really. You routinely check the oil and the air pressure in the tires and take the car in for regular scheduled maintenance. By doing the same thing for your dogs and cats - examining him/her at home on a weekly basis and scheduling an annual veterinary exam and vaccinations you can nip health problems in the bud and even extend your pet's life. 

Regular veterinary visits

When you take your pet in each year for their veterinary exam, the vet doesn't just give them some vaccinations and send them on their way. Veterinarians do a thorough exam; palpating the body to make sure all the internal organs feel normal and there are no worrisome lumps or bumps; checking the condition of the eyes and ears; listening to the heart and lungs; checking the weight; and taking the temperature.

Because dogs and cats age differently than people, this annual physical is comparable to you having a physical exam every five or six years. This is especially important if your dog or cat is middle-aged or older because it gives the veterinarian a chance to find and treat health problems before they become serious.

As your pet ages the recommended preventative and wellness care will change along with their needs. Ask your pet's veterinarian what is recommended specifically for them.

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