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Cat Isabella's 9 Lives or Story of a Cat Built Into the Wall

Meet our new patient of our Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac - cat Isabella. 

9 years ago cat Isabella was built into a house wall for 16 days. They say cats have 9 lives. Well, Isabella, certainly does.

Fort Lauderdale vet

How Terry met cat Beelah

Isabella was always known to be a shy cat who is afraid of everything. She was so shy that no one in shelter could ever pick her up. Probably because Isabella was so beautiful and cute Terry couldn't resist but adopt her. After some time Isabella grew with attachment to Terry and her son. Her shyness would only disappear in the middle of the night when she would come to Terry and her son's bed to be pet.

Move to Sunshine Florida

9 years ago Terry drove 23 hours to move her small but united family - her son and cat Isabella and to sunny Florida from Canada. As soon as she arrived Terry started renovating the house she just bought in North Miami. While Terry and her son lived in the hotel, she asked contractors to be mindful of her cat Isabella, and came everyday to feed her while watching the contractors.

Did anyone see Beelah?

The house was supposed to be ready in 6 weeks. But a few days before renovation was over her cat Beelah (shortname given to Isabella) disappeared. Terry looked for her everywhere she could. She started posting signs and posters, and distributing flyers about the lost cat. Everybody were looking for Beelah. But they could find no trace of her.

Terry hears "meow"

Fort Lauderdale vetTerry just moved into the house and took first shower. It was the first time she heard "meow". She told her friend she heard the cat. Terry's friend didn't believe it was possible. They searched everywhere in the house, but didn't see any cat. However, Terry didn't give up. She turned on the water and heard "meow" which seemed coming out of the house wall. That was when Terry realized it must have been movement of water in the plumb triggering movement in the wall and making the cat "meow". She spoke to her designer friend who was in the house while the renovation works were on, and waking house photos. Terry's designer friend remembered toilet wall was open for 1 hour before contractors put the toilet back. They thought perhaps shy Beelah hiding in the wall and that's how she got there. Terry called contractors and asked them to remove the toilet wall. You can imagine everybody's surprise when they saw Beelah sitting inside. Shy Beelah wouldn't come out even when wall was open. Terry decided to leave food for her and let everyone leave. After a few hours hungry Beelah couldn't resist her starvation. After Beelah ate Terry noticed poor cat who lived in darkness of the wall past 16 days couldn't tolerate light. Whenever she would come across light she would turn away her eyes. Terry turned off all lights in the house, so Beelah could slowly get used to the light. Tery brought her cat to a local emergency veterinarian in North Miami. Veterinarian said the cat weighted only 2.5 pounds and was all bones. Beelah was always hungry and thirsty. Thankfully, she ate well. It took a month till Beelah went up to 6 pounds, and got back to normal self.

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